The land of scenic beaches, verdant forests, awe-inspiring mountains and vast plains, Odisha is a nature lover’s delight. Though it is not touted hugely as a tourist destination, any non-Odia who has visited Odisha is all praises for the virgin beauty of this pride of the East.So, in this land of mostly unexplored territories, where do you find the most awesome sunsets? Here is our top 5, as per our nature photographer friends.

Puri – No list on sunsets in Odisha can ever be complete without the land of Lord Jagannath. The Puri beach offers a gorgeous view of the sunset every single day, except the monsoon months. Watch the sun set into the horizon while you sip on some coconut water or build sandcastles.

Paradeep – In spite of the fact that Paradeep is one of the busiest ports in the east coast, the beach itself is quiet and secluded most of the time. Hence, watching the sunset here can be an ethereal experience.

Konark – Like Puri, Chandrabhaga too offers a beautiful view of the sunset, but what people love more is the sunset at the Sun temple. If you are lucky, you can catch the sun setting just behind the temple, casting a golden halo around the entire temple.

Astarang –True to its name (the land of eight colours), the Astarang beach, even though tiny, offers a multi-hued view of the sunset. Soak in colours you have never seen before and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Deomali peak and Kolab reservoir, Koraput –The highest peak of the eastern ghats, Deomali peak in Koraput has a flat land at the top, allowing one a glimpse of the picturesque sunset and breathtaking views. From Deomali come down, cross Sunabeda and go to Kolab reservoir and botanical garden for another amazing view of the sunset.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of awesome sunsets you can see in Odisha. If you have been sufficiently impressed with the sunset in another part of Odisha, do share your views here.

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